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Robert de Jong
Aug 12, 2022
In Questions
Hi UrzaGatherer Team, Thank you for your amazing work, if possible Magic The Gathering is even funnier thanks to you. I have a question about the Android app. I wanted to add some new cards from Baldur's Gate in my collection through the mobile app, but it is not possible because the last set is not included there. I was able to add these cards through the Web app but the problem stands, since it looks like on the Android app those cards do not exist. I have tried to find informations about future updates, but I did not find anything specific to the Android mobile version of the application. Looking around I see that the Web app UrzaGatherer version is the v10.4.2 while on the Android app is v9.4.7. Today is 12/08/2022, The Google Play store shows that the last time the app was updated was September 2020 with version 2.4.0. I don't think that UrzaGatherer and the android app versions are related, since I have seen updates for the latest Kamigawa and Capenna, but I was kinda expecting that UrzaGatherer was platform agnostic and updating it would have had effect on both web and mobile app. In conclusion, are you aware of this mismatch and is updating UrzaGatherer on the mobile app still in your plan? Is this a known problem, or is it just my application not working properly? I don't want to put any kind of pressure on you, so my apologies if I did. Thank you for your attention and help. Kind Regards, Robert

Robert de Jong

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