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Requests after first attempts to enter my (large) collection
In Feature requests
Aug 23, 2022
First, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer all this! Your answers have already helped me to discover a lot of functionality. If I don't reply to an answer, I understand / agree. Otherwise see my replies below. - Missing "Collection mode" in list view with +/- buttons for each card count, allowing for single click addition of a card to the collection: Yeah I understand you. I was blocked by how to imagine the UI here but noted in my list Suggestion: Add a "Collection Mode" the same way you did in the grid view that adds [+] [-] buttons to each row. You can use advanced tooltip mode maybe? I was not aware of this setting. - Missing differentiation between card languages (e.g. FBB in German, French or Japanese); I have never seen this differentiation in any MtG collection management tool: You have it in each card page but I guess you wanted to see it on the grid view? I wonder how you imagine the UI could be here Again I was not aware of this feature. Those functions on the card page are pretty hidden if you ask me. Would be nice if you could have most if not all of those editing options "inline" with the information on screen. Maybe by adding another "Collection Mode" to the card view, which can be turned on globally via settings. I also would like to see those options in the context menu for each card in the list view. That's where I assumed I would find them and they would be way quicker to reach. Currently I have to open the card view for each individual card to access them. The context menu could also have an option to "list versions" for a card, similar to the function on the card view. - Missing search / filter by set in collection view: What do you mean? There is no option to filter the collection view by set. I guess you can use the checklist view if you want to focus on a specific set, especially if you add that "search" by set name feature. - Missing option to save search / filter queries: You can save them /reload them on the advanced search page (in the bottom app bar) This is like the 10th case where I was not aware of those options in the bottom-right toolbar. I am using a 1440p resolution on a 32" screen. The gray area to the right of my screen is more than 38 cm wide. When I concentrate on the left part of the screen, the menu is completely out of sight and it takes quite a mouse movement to get there. Maybe you could add a setting that moves the toolbar to the top left of the screen for me. From the collection page you can export a FULL csv with all the info of the DB and then you can reload it from the settings page I thought you can only load those files that you saved from the settings menu. My bad. - When selecting a specific card in the search box drop-down results, only versions of that specific card should show (currently all cards including the name are shown): I disagree. This is not what I expect I understand that you expect to see all cards that contain the text you typed in the search box. But if you typed some text and then explicitly selected one of the suggestions instead of just pressing ENTER or the search icon, I would expect a different behavior, since you selected a specific card. There is actually currently no way to narrow your search down to a specific card, also not by filtering by name in the result view. Just try searching for the card "Urza". I get the desired result (all versions for a specific card name) by clicking on "versions" in card view. -The option to change number in single card view is somewhat inconvenient - it takes 3 clicks and lots of mouse movement on a large screen to increase card count by 1. Yeah, dunno how to add a better UI. Open to ideas :) Add the "Collection Mode" for the card view as suggested above. Yeah I see. Having a collection mode would help for sure. I added it in my todo Just reading this. Won't modify my comments above though to stress how useful it would be. =] you can add tags to your cards. Then you can create lists that will display all the cards with the tags attached to the list. It is a flexible way to have custom lists Maybe you could put this explanation on the lists page. In the meantime I added more than 7000 cards, focusing on Rares and old Uncommons only. My experience has been great so far. I will definitely continue using the tool. Thanks for all the work you put into it! One more little personal note: I wrote a Magic software in Java in the 1990s that Wizards didn't allow me to publish - maybe I shouldn't have asked them. It was inspired by Apprentice and supported peer-to-peer connections between any number of players and spectators and had a nice deck editor I used for my own tournament preparation. I also was very much into 3D graphics at the time reading all books I could find about it and writing my own little engines. I therefore see an overlap in interests when I look at your profile page and I can only congratulate you especially to the nice 3D engine you created with Babylon.js - it was pretty much a dream of mine to do something similar. It looks like quite an accomplishment. I might eventually contact you via LinkedIn and will mention that I was the guy with those long UrzaGatherer feature request posts. =]
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