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Mar 18, 2021
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Hi, I'm having a problem when I'm connecting to UrzaGatherer : I get a blank screen after the loading (I'm using Mozilla Firefox). It seems the problem is associated to my collection because I tried to open the web app in an another browser (Chrome) and it has worked until I clicked on collection (blank screen). Can you please have a look ? Thank you, Laurent
Jan 12, 2021
In Feature requests
Hi, First happy new year and thank you very much for this wonderful tool. I love the GUI which is modern, and every work well ! I have few ideas of new features: - Export a deck in a cockatrice format (cockatrice is a tool to play online : It's just a .cod file write as XML. - It would be great to have a new functionality to manage combination of cards. Probably require a new screen to manage selection of cards, cost, notation, comment and explanation of the synergy etc... It would be great to have the ability to attach combinations to the decks. I understand that the List functionality can help, but a new functionality would permit more than just the card gathering. - There is the legality for Commander, but not for Commander Duel. Both list are pretty closed, but the Duel one has more restrictions. Reference can be found here or on Mtgjson (a good example is the "Sol Ring" card : legal in Commander but not in Duel) - For collection and search, would it be possible to add the icon extension in a new column (if possible near the card name) Thank you again, Laurent
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