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Jun 19, 2021
In Feature requests
### Current situation: At the moment, cards of saved decks would all be marked when listing cards. This is a very useful feature, and I subjectively understand this as marking that a physical card is in a physical deck. The problem arises when I wish to deconstruct a deck but keep the list. As it works now, there is no possibility to set a deck as active (physically assembled) versus inactive (non physically assembled, or, just a deck list). This feature would be of extreme value to users like myself that have a collection that they use to build decks that after a while get deconstructed in favor of others. ### Current workaround: The only possible workaround at the moment is to export inactive decks and remove them from the UrzaGatherer. This is suboptimal. ### Proposed solution: Having a flag either at the deck level or group level that would allow to state that the cards in the deck do not need to be marked as used in a deck in the rest of the application would be very useful.


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