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Nov 06, 2020
David, On Point 1, I am suggesting that if Card A was $5.00 before running Update Prices and it is $4.93 after the update is the ability to see that change at the card level rather than the over all set level (represented as a percentage in the Price Update screen) as it currently is. I could track that change by exporting the collection list after each price update into Excel but that is a little cumbersome. If there is a way to capture that change so it can be reviewed it would be helpful. On Point 2, I didn't explain it very well and after thinking about the issue I was trying to address with having separate binders, I will see if I can clarify. In this image I have 1 Promo Lotus Cobra and 3 Non-Foil Sylvan Library. In the second image I have 1 Promo Lotus Cobra, 3 Non-Foil Sylvan Library and 1 set foil Sylvan Library. What I am envisioning is changes to the lower left count number. Right now it is calculating a total of Non-Foils and Foils (Promos). I am thinking the lower left number should only be the non-foil count and the upper left should be only the foil count. So if you have one set foil or promo, the upper left will be 1 and the lower left will not display a value or if you have 3 non-foil and 2 set foils, the upper left number would be 2 and the lower left would be 3 instead of 5. What I was considering with the binder idea was, separating out the regular set foils into a different collection to keep the counts separate from each other instead of being rolled into a total in the lower left.
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