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Stephen Wicklund
Apr 30, 2022
In Feature requests
Any chance that a "quick filter" input could be added for cards' "rules text" (or alternately, its "full text"), in lists/search-results? There seems to be extra space for another expanded quick-filter: The reason is that, it's very frequently the case that when I'm looking at a list (or existing search's results) that I want to have it "show only the cards with haste" or "deathtouch" or "flying". Currently this is a substantial pain, because: 1) If you're viewing search-results, you have to leave your current search, open advanced search (which has all your inputs cleared), then re-enter your search inputs, add your text to the rules-text filter box, then press enter. (A pain when you just want to quickly change what ability you're filtering for!) 2) If you're viewing a card-list, similar thing, except with the added step of having to remember what tags were part of the list you were viewing, and then add those tags to the "tags" filter in advanced search. Urza Gatherer is a great digital collection manager (my favorite atm, by quite a margin), but this is the biggest pain point I've hit with it. I'd be more than happy to donate $30 to help compensate for the development time!
Add "rules text" quick-filter to lists/search-results content media
Stephen Wicklund
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