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Jeroen Mares
Mar 20, 2023
In Feature requests
Hi David I was looking for a way to list all cards from a certain block I owe more than once ( or playset or X ) to add to a trading folder. Something like this. Could default to 1 in Collection page and combine with all other filters or combined with other request. All doubles not in decks f.e. thank you in advance for considering adding this filter. Kind regards
Search for cards owned atleast x-times content media
Jeroen Mares
Mar 10, 2023
In Questions
Since the phyrexia update, the decks I have that contain Phyrexia get multiplied at least 4 times up to 24. This only happens to Phyrexia cards, the numbers in deck can't be reduced. Only thing that works is to remove the card from the deck and readd it. Nonetheless on a later time these cards will re-appear, even when the cards have not been re-added to the deck. This is quite annoying as some decks suddenly have large amounts of extra cards. Would be great if you can fix this.
Decks get automatically multiples of Phyrexia cards content media

Jeroen Mares

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