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Martin Matějka
Aug 29, 2021
In Questions
Hi. I've supported UG through Patreon. But now I'm unable to link the Patreon to enjoy the benefits. When I try to connect it, I'm asked for a Token. But afaik, tokens are tied to Patreon apps. Shoudln't I be rather redirected to some login page to link the Patreon to UG through oAuth? I can't find any personal access token in the setting (nor there is any mention in the docs). Thanks for any hint, Martin
Martin Matějka
Mar 27, 2021
In Feature requests
Hi. It would be great if we'd be able to multi-select options when filtering the collection. I.e. to choose cards from multiple sets. Or is there a way and I'm just missing it? Thanks, Martin

Martin Matějka

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